IT-Target image & Target Operating Model (TOM)

Strategically anchor the IT target image with the Target Operating Model (TOM) and seamlessly align systems, software solutions and apps.

Digital transformation requires close integration of business processes and IT to remain competitive. Using the Target Operating Model (TOM), we map your business goals and operational processes with IT functions and ensure that your IT systems support the business strategy.

Our services

  • Development of proposed solutions for an end-to-end digital way of working in the context of the most important processes of real estate management
  • Derive a strategic plan for the optimisation of the data and system landscape based on industry standards, digital trends and established methods of innovation management
  • Preparation of business case studies for the assessment of cost/benefit ratios
  • Define the organisational requirements for the successful establishment, operation and
  • Further development of the Digital Real Estate infrastructure

The Target Operating Model (TOM) includes the digitally supported business processes, the intended systems and data flows, as well as the tasks and resources for building, operating and further developing the IT infrastructure and IT services. The structured approach, methods and best practices ensure that needs (demand) and implementation (roadmap/project plan) are optimally aligned. The TOM depends on the Corporate strategy and has a considerable influence on your Make-or-Buy-Strategie.

With the development of a TOM, we help you to optimise your business processes, reduce costs, improve security and compliance and ultimately increase the satisfaction of your employees and customers. In doing so, we always work with the interplay of organisation, real estate, data and IT systems and ensure that the different areas are linked without media discontinuity. In finding ideas and solutions, we rely on our industry expertise, agile project methods (Design Thinking, SCRUM, Challenge Room, LEGO® Serious Play® etc.) and evaluate them within the framework of a proof-of-concept.

In a first step, we deal with the initial situation by means of a digital assessment or a Digitalisierungsstrategie. In the process, we analyse your processes, systems, current projects and examine the organisational framework conditions. Based on this, we jointly develop a vision for the future end-to-end digitisation of your business processes and determine the respective automation potential. Then, based on the corporate strategy, we determine which technologies and applications will support you in achieving your goals and define the type of interaction within the IT architecture.

In a second step, we estimate the costs and the savings potential through process automation and prioritise the development steps based on this. We form service packages for the centralisation of individual services and the correspondingly necessary systems and define the appropriate level of customising within your software landscape. Finally, we draw up a catalogue of measures with information on the relevant strategic, organisational, process-related and technical fields of action and, if required, also support you in drawing up a coordinated Data strategy. In this way, we develop a scaled, future-oriented target system architecture and create a blueprint for your stakeholder alignment.

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Simon Caspar


Business Administration FH in Facility Management


Location Zurich

Alexander Boll

Head of Service Unit Digital Transformation

MBA Innovation- und Produkt Management

Location Zurich

Rebekka Ruppel

CEO pom+Germany

M.Sc. ETH in Civil Engineering

Location Frankfurt