Smart Building Advisory

Realising the potential of smart buildings with controlled data flows and interoperability of IT components

Smart buildings are the foundation of tomorrow's connected world and enable property owners, users and operators to benefit directly from the digital transformation. We support you in the project planning and definition of digital use cases, so that ordering smart buildings and integrating them into your own digital ecosystem becomes a matter of course.

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  • Development of a smart building strategy at portfolio or property level
  • Development of a data strategy for the smart ecosystem
  • Definition and implementation of the digital use cases
  • Documentation of the smart building requirements
  • Creation of a phase-appropriate smart building roadmap in coordination with the​​​​​​​ pbFM
  • Deriving the data requirements from the digital use cases (BIM2FM)
  • Support in​​​​​​​ test management for data quality and data transfer to the target systems
  • Evaluation and ordering of technological smart building components
  • Introduction of tenant apps
  • Evaluation and integration of CAFM- Systemen
  • Linking smart meter data with sustainability monitoring tools

A smart building aims to optimise various aspects of building operation and to coordinate digital processes. Thanks to modern technologies and intelligent systems, energy efficiency, comfort, safety and sustainability are to be improved. Sensors, intelligent control and monitoring systems, automation technologies, data analysis and information management are used for this purpose. How "smart" the building actually is depends on the sum of different digital use cases.

We support you with modular smart building strategies for properties with different degrees of digitalisation. In doing so, we look at the individual property or the current building project from a portfolio perspective and determine the relevant digital use cases based on the corporate goals, the  Property Strategy, the utilisation concept, the sustainability strategy and IT Strategy. e ensure that the interoperability between the various IoT components, IT systems, products, building technology systems and user applications is guaranteed and that the data sovereignty of the Common Data Environment (CDE) is regulated in a superordinate manner.

For this purpose, we use our specially developed Smart Building Configurator  and pay attention to the interdisciplinary view of the construction project and building operation. We accompany the overarching coordination of the various IT sub-projects and also show you the consequences of your Smart Building during dismantling at an early stage. After all, electronic hardware has a much shorter life cycle than real estate and must be replaced regularly. In order to avoid electronic waste as much as possible, circular requirements must already be taken into account in the smart building concept and in the selection of IT components.

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