Trend and technology monitoring

Support innovation management with professional trend and technology monitoring and ensure long-term success

Thanks to sound research and the monitoring of trends and technologies, companies can identify potential opportunities and risks at an early stage and establish a proactive approach to changes in the market or technology landscape. We support you in assessing the innovation potential and increasing your competitiveness.

Our services

  • Analysis and evaluation of relevant trends, technologies and solutions per business field incl. visualisation of dependencies
  • Classification of market trends and developments for business activities and the construction and real estate industry
  • Carrying out individual commissioned studies and market analyses
  • Carrying out risk analyses
  • Definition of the strategic fields of action and elaboration of the strategic options
  • Preparation of reports and documents to support decision-making at management level

Metaverse, artificial intelligence, Web3, machine learning - do you know what these developments mean for your company? In the digital transformation, companies act most successfully when they understand digitalisation as an organisational issue and see technologies as a basic building block for a successful future. With the variety of new systems and approaches, however, it is not always easy to separate the wheat from the chaff and to assess whether it is a short-term hype or a long-term development.

However, knowledge and up-to-date information on relevant trends, technologies and solutions with a focus on one's own business activity have a considerable strategic added value, enable an early realignment of one's own Business model and ideally create a significant market advantage. Furthermore, a company's innovative strength supports employer attractiveness and helps the core business to better respond to customers' needs and expectations by addressing changing preferences and offering innovative solutions to meet new demands.

Trend and technology monitoring is often preceded by a Digitalisation strategy The results of which have to be classified and measures implemented. We are experts in systematically identifying and evaluating global and national emerging trends, technologies, start-ups and PropTechs and support you in filtering out the relevant content from the flood of information and translating it to your company. Our research and insights serve as the basis for strategic decisions and help your management team make informed decisions about which technologies or trends to invest in, forecast the future, set strategic goals and adjust business strategy, products and services accordingly.

Just as relevant as the classification of opportunities and chances are sound assessments of the risks of digitalisation. In a world that is subject to constant change, early recognition of changes in the business environment that could have a negative impact on one's own operations is of great importance. These include new competitors, disruptive technologies or changes in customer behaviour. More and more companies are therefore considering trend and technology monitoring as part of their risk management. We support you in this with risk analyses and develop argument scenarios for the adaptation of your Risk strategy.


Research involves the systematic collection and analysis of relevant data and information on trends, technologies and the business environment and is thus an important component of our services. We collect and examine market data, conduct surveys and regularly publish scientific studies on current topics in the construction and real estate industry. The findings help our trend scouts to soundly analyse technology developments as well as their applications, advantages and disadvantages and possible effects on existing business processes and models.We also advise you on expanding or deepening your fields of expertise with individual commissioned studies and market analyses. Our intensive cooperation with various universities as well as our co-founding of initiatives and our participation in national and international associations enable us to answer your questions in a future-oriented way.

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Dr. Joachim Baldegger

Head of Service Unit Future Lab

Dr. sc. techn., dipl. Ing. ETH

Location Zurich

Giuseppe Bilotta

Managing Partner

Dipl. Ing. ETH


Location Zurich