Data collection


In the operation of real estate, different costs are incurred that relate to different components and facilities, where a distinction is made between basic and tenant improvements. Depending on the billing model and role constellation, cost responsibility lies with the owner or the tenant. In order to make data entry as simple as possible and at the same time ensure high data quality, different data entry schemes are offered. This allows a data supplier to enter the cost data individually adapted to his role.

All data is important. However, only a reduced amount of "must have" data is required for the integration of data into the benchmark. The more data that is collected, the more precise evaluations can be provided to the data supplier. Data providers who collect more data benefit through better analyses and evaluations.

Schemes for data collection

The data for the FM Monitor is collected with the help of a data entry sheet. A suitable collection scheme is selected based on the individual initial situation of a data supplier. The diagram shows the available schemas. Only one scheme is required for data collection.