Control and security

General definition

Control and safety costs relate to the structure, technical installations, outdoor facilities, equipment and works of art. These are third-party and in-house services as well as material costs for preventive measures against the occurrence of events that have their origin in unintended human and/or technical inadequacies. In addition, they are costs for limiting or controlling such incidents and the resulting damage (safety). In addition, this includes external and internal services as well as material costs for measures against the occurrence of events committed by persons with malicious intent against companies or organisations, the limitation or control of such events and the resulting damage (security).


  • Creation of concepts, implementation of exercises
  • Maintenance of safety equipment (e.g. medical equipment)
  • Consulting / Planning+Engineering
  • Alarm management
  • Training / Equipment / Clothing
  • Guarding
  • Integral safety systems and safety guidance systems
  • Control and monitoring devices
  • Occupational safety and accident prevention measures
  • Transport protection
  • Access control systems
  • Containers (safe systems)
  • Fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems / burglary/intrusion alarm systems
  • Object protection measures, e.g. security glazing and security doors
  • Perimeter protection, e.g. vehicle barriers, security gates, fencing systems
  • Switchgear,
  • Locks and fittings
  • Value protection e.g. armoured doors
  • Tours in and around the property, e.g. closing rounds, etc.


Cost unit

Owner costs

  • Insurances related to control and security (e.g. burglary insurance)

Service charges

  • Control and security costs related to the use of the item and relating to the overall operation of the site/property/building.
  • Maintenance of safety equipment, e.g. medical equipment, provided that it is of a general nature, i.e. available to all tenants.

Direct tenant costs

  • Control and security costs that relate individually to the individual rental object / rental space / rental property (tenant fit-out) (excl. specific costs that arise due to the individual core process of the user)
  • Maintenance for safety equipment, e.g. medical equipment, if only available within a rented property / rented space 

Notes / Special cases / Delimitations

  • Costs for maintenance of the security installations belong to monitoring and maintenance
  • The porter / receptionist is not included in the costs if he/she has a purely administrative function. However, dual functions (security / reception) are fully included in the security costs.
  • Any services provided by caretakers are to be included in the costs on a pro rata basis (full costs: salary plus ancillary wage costs).