Explanations Basic and tenant fit-out

Demarcation basic fit-out tenant fit-out

Schematic section

The schematic section through the property shows in red the areas that are part of the basic development.

The rental spaces that are part of the tenant fit-out are shown in green.

Basic expansion

The basic fit-out is primarily understood to be costs that are incurred with the construction of the property. The basic fit-out of a commercial property includes the fully constructed property, with the exception of the rental space (HNF), which is constructed in the shell (after completion of master builder's works).

Basic fit-out of rental space Commercial property

Basic development of traffic area Commercial property

Tenant improvements

Tenant fit-out basically refers to the interior fit-out and tenant-specific fittings in rented spaces.

Tenant fit-out of a commercial space (without furniture) Lightweight partition walls, doors, floor and wall coverings, ceilings, sub-distribution Building technology