The FM Monitor data pool


The FM Monitor is a simple real estate controlling tool with the most important facility management benchmarks in Switzerland. It is based on the largest Swiss data pool for management costs. Your own property key figures are processed and are available in an interactive, customer-specific, management-compatible dashboard for comparison with the FM Monitor cost and area benchmarks. Cost-intensive properties are identified and management costs can be optimised.

Sample description

In total, the data pool comprises almost 12,000 properties with a  total floor area von of 52 million m2  and management costs of CHF 3.3 billion. CHF. The largest type of use in terms of numbers is residential properties, which account for over 50% of the data pool. Properties from the industrial and commercial sectors as well as offices and administration are also strongly represented.

In terms of geographical distribution, the greater Zurich region is most strongly represented in the data pool, with just under a third of all properties. This is followed by the Mittelland, Western Switzerland and Northwestern Switzerland regions with shares of around 15% to 18%.