Cleaning costs

General definition

Operating costs for cleaning building units, surrounding surfaces, equipment and technical installations.


Cleaning of structural units (buildings):

  • Interior cleaning, for example floors,
  • Interior design, curtains, sanitary objects
  • Window cleaning, inside and outside, incl. sun protection equipment
  • Facade cleaning, regular facade cleaning

Surrounding areas (environment):

  • Environmental maintenance: Maintenance of the green and hard environmental area (watering, plant pruning, fertilising, blow-drying, mowing, small replacement plantings, etc.).
  • Winter service

Equipment and technical facilities (Other):

  • Technical cleaning of the operational and building services equipment
  • Cleaning materials as well as a share of the costs for the maintenance and operation of the cleaning equipment (lubricants, operating materials, replacement of wearing parts) and also the consumables such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap, hygiene bags, etc.

Cost unit

Owner costs

  • As a rule, owner does not bear cleaning costs, exception vacancy
  • Special case: Pest control to be borne by the owner

Service charges

  • Cleaning costs incurred in relation to the area / property / overall building in the so-called common areas. Also for ancillary rooms and technical facilities.

Direct tenant costs

  • Cleaning costs incurred in relation to the rented property / rented space.

Notes / Special cases

  • Cleaning costs of heating system (as long as it is not only cleaning of the casing) belong to Monitoring and maintenance costs
  • Sewer and drain cleaning is part of monitoring and maintenance costs
  • Chimney sweep is part of monitoring and maintenance costs
  • If cleaning is provided by external providers, their costs - excluding VAT - are to be included under cleaning costs.
  • Any services provided by caretakers are to be included in the costs on a pro rata basis (full costs: salary plus ancillary wage costs).