Supply and disposal costs

General definition

Utility costs include operating costs for waste water, water, heating, cooling and electricity to supply building units and technical facilities.

Disposal costs include both operating costs and costs for waste disposal


  • Operating costs for waste/water, heat, cooling and electricity (including water heating)
  • Costs for consumption recording and billing service for heating systems
  • Electrical costs (including electricity for the operation of the heating (oil, gas, pellets, heat pump))
  • Insurance premium for the heating system
  • Personnel costs, equipment amortisation as well as transport of waste to disposal points, collection of waste, emptying of waste bins, etc.
  • Personnel costs for the management of the disposal rooms and equipment incl. equipment amortisation
  • Costs for waste processing and external delivery incurred by the disposal of the waste volume
  • Costs for TV fees

Cost unit

Owner costs

  • Supply and disposal costs incurred in connection with any vacancies

Service charges

  • Supply and disposal costs incurred in connection with the site/property/building as a whole (common areas) and usually passed on to the tenants/users via a billing concept.
  • Operating costs for waste and fresh water, heating, cooling of all rental properties - excl. commercial cooling as well as individual heating, ventilation and cooling costs that serve purely to supply the tenant improvement

Direct tenant costs

  • Tenant power
  • Special disposal costs incurred due to special requirements of the tenants (For example, confidential files / shredder, etc.)

Notes / Special cases / Delimitations

  • Commercial refrigeration, compressed air, gas, fuel is out of scope as this is needed for the production process
  • For particularly consumption-intensive uses, the demarcation of production flow is necessary (for example, industry)
  • Any services provided by caretakers are to be included in the costs on a pro rata basis (full costs: salary plus ancillary wage costs).